Michael Burke RHAD MSHAA is a fully-qualified UK hearing aid dispenser who arrived in Spain in 2010 from New Zealand where he had spent the previous three years on contract to a large Kiwi hearing aid dispensing company, working both North and South Islands.

Prior to that he worked with the Scrivens Group in the UK, before taking up a post as a Joint Venture Partner with Specsavers Hearcare in Bournemouth. He then opened further branches in Dorchester and Ringwood and on the Isle of Wight.

Whilst a Joint Venture Partner in Specsavers Hearcare, Mike was involved with a team dedicated to constantly driving down the cost of hearing aids to the public whilst presenting clear, open, published prices and maintaining the highest standards of service and ethical practice.

At Digital Hearing we do the same. We are able to offer the latest digital hearing aids of all sizes from the small completely in the canal (CIC) aids to the larger more powerful behind the ear models - all from 595€ each, with a further discount to anybody purchasing two at the same time.

All tests are free of charge and completely without obligation; all aids come on a 30-day free trial with a written money-back guarantee.

As well as tackling the problems that come with the loss of hearing levels, at Digital Hearing we believe that prevention is better than cure and accordingly we can provide a range of ear protection devices specially designed for musicians, DJ's, shooters, motorcyclists, swimmers, or anybody working in an environment where they are exposed to loud noises that could damage their hearing or accelerate hearing loss.

If you have any concerns about your hearing whatsoever, don't wait: we can help. Statistically, on average a person waits at least seven years before doing anything about hearing loss (period of denial!) It's not going to go away; it will probably get worse. You're not the only one. The sooner you tackle the problem the better.

Find out. Improve your quality of life. You owe it to yourself and those around you.

I look forward to seeing you.*